Free ASP.NET MVC controls from Syncfusion

Give your web applications a 360˚ transformation with Syncfusion’s ASP.NET MVC user interface controls!

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Syncfusion’s ASP.NET MVC user interface controls
User Interface Edition for ASP.NET MVC
  • Create high performance AJAX Web applications with ease
  • Now supports MVC 3 Razor Engine
Jump start your ASP.NET MVC application with the market leader. Components developed with speed, AJAX and client side interaction in mind. Experience the difference.

Essential Grid

Essential Grid for ASP.NET MVC is a lightweight, AJAX-enabled, high-performance grid component built especially to suit the programming model of the ASP.NET MVC framework. It has a rich feature set that includes hierarchies, grouping, sorting, paging, data binding, editing, filtering, and several built-in styles.
Essential Grid is designed for performance and can easily handle millions of records. AJAX is extensively used to reduce traffic—only the required data is sent between the client and server, minimizing data transfer and response time.

Essential Tools

Essential Tools for ASP.NET MVC is a collection of lightweight, AJAX-enabled, professional user interface components built especially to suit the programming model of the ASP.NET MVC framework. It contains a comprehensive set of components including tree views, tabs, rich-text editors, accordions, sliders, masked-edit text boxes, numeric text boxes, AutoComplete text boxes, generic drop-downs, menus, and date pickers.
A unique feature of Essential Tools is that several controls—including accordions, date pickers, sliders, and tabs—are based on the jQuery JavaScript framework, which is a powerful industry standard. This approach ensures that the components are extremely stable and rich in features. The controls have also been enhanced to enable easy integration into ASP.NET MVC applications. The enhancements also include several new built-in skins in addition to those provided by the jQuery framework.
Also, AJAX is extensively used to reduce traffic between the client and the server; this minimizes data transfer and response time.
Some of our MVC controls like Rating and File Upload use HTML 5 to provide a truly rich user experience.

Essential Chart

Essential Chart for ASP.NET MVC is a high-performance charting component that is very easy to use and is also visually stunning. It includes 35 chart types ranging from simple column charts to specialized financial charts. The charts are also highly customizable and have a powerful data model which makes data binding simple.

Essential Diagram

Essential Diagram is an extensible, high-performance .NET diagramming framework built on HTML 5 for ASP.NET MVC applications. It can be used for developing Microsoft Visio-like interactive graphics and diagramming applications. It stores graphical objects in a node graph and renders those objects on the screen. It supports both vector and raster graphics on the drawing surface.

Essential Gauge

Essential Gauge for ASP.NET MVC contains radial, digital, rolling, and linear gauge controls. All gauges are visually stunning and behave like real gauges. The appearance is also very customizable in that all the elements in the gauge—including scales, ticks, and labels—can be fully tailored to your needs.

Essential Schedule

Essential Schedule for ASP.NET MVC is an Outlook Calendar-like Scheduler control that lets you add rich scheduling capabilities to your Web applications. It includes an advanced set of features including data binding, multiple resource views, rich interactivity, support for AJAX, client-side events, and much more.

Essential PDF Viewer

Essential PDF Viewer is a 100% managed .NET component that will have the ability to view and print PDF files from your WPF and Windows Forms applications. This feature supports exporting PDF files to various image formats such as, BMP, JPEG and PNG.